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How does it work?

3RD EYE STUDIO uses the DJI Phantom platform which is a remote controlled unmanned quadcopter. Its size is only around 13x13" which is great for getting into tight spaces or being less noticeable. Fly time is around 20 minutes, has interchangeable batteries, and also features a gimbal. The gimbal keeps the camera steady no matter what angle the quadcopter is at. This gives you high quality steady footage and photos that are not blurry. The quadcopter can be deployed anywhere with open sky but does not include restricted air space such as airports or government buildings.

3RD EYE STUDIO is located in Lewes, DE, boasting technology that is as a result of loads of research and physical experimentation with the operation and recording of video from the sky.


Anyone on the lookout for an idea or in need of footage for an event, movie, or object can take full advantage of the power-packed services we offer, with the likes of previously inconceivable angles now available at a very affordable price.


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