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Services we offer

Our Remote controlled quad-copters are able to capture aerial views and angles unlike any other mediums on the market. We have the ability to operate at heights up to 400 feet or as low as a few feet off the ground. We are also able to acheive very close up shots and viewing in otherwise unsafe conditions for a person to go. Using GPS technology we can capture unique footage not normally achievable with real helicopters or cranes. Our remote quad-copters have built in real time video sending feeds so our ground operator and gimbal operator is able to see exactly what the on-board HD camera is shooting. This allows the operator to visualise the filming in realtime, reducing editing time and post production costs whilst capturing footage that will astonish audiences.



We travel to you! If you want aerial photography and video but at a fraction of the cost, 3rd Eye Studio has you covered. It can be tricky capturing lifes greatest moments but with an angle that no one has seen before. Utilizing our quad copter, we are able to get up close to the object to capture its best moments. Over water, above buildings, next to vehicles, and anyplace that has open air. 




4k video in the air! We shoot the highest quality video possible in the air. Every clients needs are different so our drones can be equipt with other devices other then cameras. 



Commercial or residential video and advertisment for any person or company. Our editing team will capture, edit, and produce high quality video and pictures in no time! 

3RD EYE STUDIO currently uses the GOPRO Hero 3+ Black Edition which can capture video resolution up to 4096x2160 with 12, 15, 24, 30, 48, 60, 100, 120, and 240 frames per second. Other variety modes, field of view options, and settings are available to enhance video quality. 


While using a quad copter to shoot all of our aerial shots, the type of shots that can be achieved are unbelievable. Having a gimbal attached to the quad copter, you can now get smooth, steady, and, clear transition shots that can really make the video look like Hollywood. 


Our videos can be anything from, fast pace following a car, to flying over a mountain top, or even scaling buildings. If you have open air space, your mind is the limit. 

Your next event wouldn't it be great to get the action from a different view? Using our quad-copter, we can get amazing footage for almost any outdoor sporting event. Anything from cycling and snowboarding to motorsports and white water rafting, they all look amazing when shot from the air.




  • Aerial video and pictures

  • Gutter inspection

  • Roof inspection

  • Property overlook and planning

  • Aerial scouting

  • Advertising video and pictures

  • Project planning

  • Structure inspection

  • Site Documentation

  • Property security

Our images are captured in high definition with resolutions up to 4000x3000. We use the best on camera filters and choose the ideal time of day to display the object well. 

With any image there will be flaws. All of our photos go through a vigorous editing process to insure the best quality and display. Using photoshop, we can also add text, additional filters, and crop according to the application. 

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